University Senate  

Proposed:  January 29, 2010

Adopted: January 29, 2010


University Senate
Friday, January 29, 2010
1:15 pm, 106 Jerome Greene (Law School)

1. Adoption of the agenda

2. Adoption of the minutes of December 4, 2009

3. President’s report and questions
            --Impact of the economic crisis on Columbia endowment, budget, and fundraising

4. Executive Committee chair’s report
            --Smoking policy
            --Update from Structure and Operations on draft confidentiality guidelines and the  resolution to merge the Physical Development Committee and the Task Force on Campus Planning
             --Working group on benefits
             --Funding for Senate elections

5. Committee reports
            --Elections Commission: Draft reapportionment report and recommendations (for discussion only)

            --“Manhattanville and the Future of Academic and Physical Planning at Columbia University” (Task Force on Campus Planning)

6. New business
            --Resolutions to establish four new degree programs in the School of Business (Education)
                        -- M.S. in Marketing
                        -- M.S. in Financial Economics
                        -- M.S. in Leadership
                        -- M.S. in Accounting and Fundamental Analysis