Smoking Task Force Proposal of January 24, 2013

The Task Force on Morningside and Lamont Smoking Policy has been trying to find areas of agreement, rather than areas of disagreement.  We believe that there are several areas of agreement, but that important matters remain to be resolved, and we are looking to the community at this town hall meeting for help with these remaining matters.

The University’s Smoking Reduction and Control Policy should contain the following elements:

  1. Smoking cessation programs that are available to all and easy to access.
  1. Widespread publicity and community involvement before and after the implementation of the program.
  1. Smoking permitted only in carefully selected areas, with considerations of the health of nonsmokers being foremost in the selection of those areas.  We do not rule out charging for the use of these areas. We realize that some of these questions have been discussed before and a number of objections have been raised, but we believe that the idea of designated areas for smokers deserves another look.

Before we bring this policy to the Senate finally, we hope to sharpen the requirements and desiderata for smoking-permitted areas.