The Agenda for the January 29th meeting of the Senate Alumni Relations Committee is as follows: 
University Senate 
Alumni Relations Committee Meeting 
Friday, January 29, 2010 
Columbia Alumni Center 
622 West 113th Street 
Kings Conference Room--First Floor 
I. Welcome Sherwin/Libby 
II. Approval of the 12/4/09 Minutes Sherwin/Libby 
III. Chair's Remarks Sherwin/Libby 
IV. Key Items 
  1. Alumni Affairs 
  a.Lamont-Doherty Libby 
  b.Columbia University Sherwin 
  c.Columbia College Sherwin 
  2. Career Services 
  a.University Task Force Sherwin 
V. Old Business 
VI. New Business 
VII. Next Meeting--2/26/10