May 4, 2007


Annual Report


The Student Affairs Caucus spent much of the year taking on some of the more difficult tasks and questions that currently face the student body of Columbia University. In addition to the committees that students serve on, the Student Affairs Caucus took on several tasks this year on its own, including:


  • Passing a resolution regarding Free Speech, as well as authoring a report regarding Free Speech at Columbia University
  • Issuing a report on Manhattanville and student administrative interaction on the expansion plan
  • Conducting a hearing and issuing a report on Student Group Oversight at Columbia University
  • Hosting almost every top administrator at Columbia, and discussing with each concerns students have within their particular domain
  • Creating the new Interschool Governing Board, in order to foster interschool relationships at Columbia
  • Hosting mentoring forums between graduate programs and undergraduate programs
  • Creating the first SAC Newsletter for the student body


We have many new projects in the pipeline for next year, including the Manhattanville Fellows Program, working on issues of diversity at Columbia, and continuing to support the growth of the IGB. We also look forward to taking on new challenges that are sure to present themselves in the summer and fall.


The current co-chairs of the caucus, Christopher Riano and Marcus Johnson, have full confidence in the newly elected co-chairs, Andrea Hogue and John Johnson. The SAC looks forward to continuing to represent the entire student body in the 2007-2008 academic year.


Respectfully Submitted,


Christopher Riano Chairman of the SAC

Marcus Johnson Chairman of the SAC