2003-’04 Annual Report of the Structure & Operations Committee


The Committee worked on two general areas in 2003-’04. Attendance levels at Senate plenary meetings and quorum requirements for voting were considered. And the Committee addressed the status of two Senate constituencies, Teachers College students and postdoctoral research fellows. In concordance with the Committee’s recommendations, the Senate has been enlarged in two areas:


On March 26, the Senate passed the Resolution to Add One Senate Seat for a Student Representing Teachers College. That resolution from Student Affairs states that one student representative from Teachers College shall be a voting Senator. This change will take effect pending Trustee approval on October 1.


The Committee clarified the status of postdoctoral research fellows in the research officer constituency, affirming their inclusion along with postdoctoral research scientists. This was reported to the Senate on March 26. The addition of postdoctoral research fellows to the electorate will take effect pending Trustee approval October 1.


The Committee deliberated on possible new committee assignments for officers of research in addition to existing researcher seats on External Relations, Honors & Prizes, Physical Development, Housing, Online Learning, and the Commission on the Status of Women.


The Committee is looking at several ways to sustain higher attendance levels at the plenary meetings and facilitation of the Senate’s business where a quorum is required:


Possible action by the Committee for 2004-’05 include: