Online Learning and Digital Media Initiatives Committee




The Online Learning Committee worked on a variety of projects this year:


Columbia Information Services


Columbia is currently reviewing most of its business processes and information delivery systems.Over the course of the last year and the summer Acis, the libraries and CNMTL conducted performance surveys.In addition, an outside consulting team evaluated the core functions of DKV, ACIS and AIS.

Key findings:

1)      While each organization was making positive contributions, there was nonetheless considerable overlap and duplication of effort among organizations;

2)      Users, faculty students and staff were commonly confused as to which organization had ownership for various electronic resources; and

3)      While numerous help desks were identified, only a small percentage of the faculty used these resources.


1)      Clearer delineation of responsibilities;

2)      One-stop shopping for users seeking assistance;

3)      A move to centralize and provide incentives for users and schools to integrate to a common platform.




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